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About the biogas is introduced
Update:2017-02-04 Tags:methane

Biogas is human generator priceand animal excrement, crop straw and other organic matter (conditions) exposed to air, and should apply to the temperature and humidity, combustion gas produced by microbial fermentation. Biogas main composition is methane, accounts for about 80% of the gases. Methane is a kind of ideal gas, colorless, tasteless, it just the right amount of air mixture combustion. Pure methane per cubic meter of 34000 joule heating, heating around 2080023600 joules per cubic meters of methane. That is to say, after 1 cubic meters of methane combustion, can produce the equivalent of 0.7 kg of anthracite coal provided by the heat. Anaerobic tank is closed, methane is collected, and then it can be used to generate electricity.

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