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the reason of power to reduce fuel consumption rate
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1.diesel engine generator priceperformance depending on many factors between good coordination, such as mixed gas formation, combustion process, lubrication and cooling and parts quality and so on. In the use process, for each diesel engine assembly and parts in the mechanical, thermal and chemical and various factors, due to friction, wear, deformation and corrosion, changing the original parts design and manufacture the size accuracy, the geometric shape and the technical conditions. This makes the diesel engine to promote the original technology, the use of performance gradually decreased.

2.the parts wear, the various factors which influence the working process with the disorder, such as space increases, the sealing performance deterioration, compression ratio change, injection pressure and spray quality changes and so on. Which makes the diesel engine power gradually decreased, the performance for the diesel engine without strength, automobile and tractor driving speed is reduced, acceleration time and distance lengthened, exhaust smoke black smoke and so on.

The economy of addition to decrease horsepower, fuel consumption rate is on the rise, with the increase of diesel engine working time, agencies and coordination between the parts of the gap increases, destroyed the correct coordination relationship. Caused or exacerbated by the impact load, they often occur damage and failure, so that the reliability of diesel engine.

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