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Commonly used methods for detecting gas generator phase sequence
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The sequencegenerator of the commonly used detection methods

Table 1, the phase sequence

1) type TG2 phase sequence table structure and working principle

TG2 type phase sequence table inside has three star connection of the coil, the above three coil with shaft bearing a free rotation of aluminum plate. Similar to the working principle of the three-phase asynchronous motor in plus under the action of three-phase alternating current (ac), star to produce a rotating magnetic field, coil aluminum plate under the action of the magnetic field force, along the screw to rotate. When change phase sequence table access to the phase sequence of three-phase alternating current (ac), aluminum plate rotation direction change.

The applicable scope of the type 2) TG2 phase sequence table

TG2 type phase sequence table is suitable for the voltage of 100 v to 500 v three-phase sinusoidal ac voltage, the power of the frequency range of 40 hz - 60 hz.

3) TG2 using the method of the phase sequence table

(1) group sequence table of yellow, green, red trichromatic connecting cable to connect to the separately measured circuit of A, B, C (U.V.W) phase.

(2) press the power switch, the observed light. If all three lights lit, three-phase power supply is in good condition, otherwise, the corresponding phase line has been open.

If (3) to observe the rotation direction of the aluminum plate, aluminum plate according to the direction of the arrow shown in clockwise rotation, shows that the test circuit as the positive phase sequence, and otherwise for the reverse phase sequence.

(4) after the test, should be release immediately.

4) type TG2 phase sequence table use of the note

TG2 type phase sequence table for continuous working mode, can not work long hours. Press the button as a result, only a short time. Work at 500 v, no more than half a minute, 220 v is no more than 5 minutes, 110 v and below should not exceed 10 minutes.

2, pointer multimeter and pointer in combination with the same table

In the absence of phase sequence table, can use the pointer multimeter and combined in the same period table to determine the main circuit breaker on both sides of the phase sequence.

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