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The temperature of water tank
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Weichai water tank in the water temperature is too high even boil the operation: 1, do not try to continue driving, so as not to cause damage to the enginediesel engine . 2, don't try to open the tank cover, otherwise it is likely to have a hot liquid spray that will cause burns. 3,cylinder head with cold water may cause the cylinder sudden burst.

Step two: after a period of running time, checking the car is whether in Water Leakage.

Step three: when the temperature dropped to the water table pointer position, turn off the engine.

Step 4:using a wet towel tocover the water tank, open the first switch slowly (about 1 / 4 turn), the water vapor pressure until after the release of finished and then fully open the tank cover, check the water quantity and water quality in water tank.

If the water is insufficient, it should be slowly adding water to the top line near. Note: if there is leakage of the water tank or the fan belt is loose, or broken, the user can play traction company phone waiting for rescue trailer. The necessary of usinglubricating oil can also complete engine cooling and low-speed driving the car drove up to the service factory maintenance. Remember, not driving at a normal speed, otherwise it may cause permanent damage to the engine.

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