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Diesel generating sets of electrical safety inspection
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For the electrical generatorsafety maintenance in the diesel generator set, first of all, all can lock the screen, the diesel generator set runtime should lock, the key to the personnel in charge, don't put the key in the lock hole.

In an emergency, staff must be able to use the correct method for the treatment of shock. Personnel engaged in this work is the best trained and recognized.

No matter who is in any part of the work when connect or disconnect the circuit must use insulated tools. On or off circuit before, must ensure the safety of the circuit. There is no metal objects on diesel generator engine starting motor on the battery or on terminal blocks.

When the strong current flow to the battery terminals, incorrect connection will cause metal melt flow. Any lead from battery anode, must go through the insurance (except for the connection of diesel generating sets of starter motor), and then to control equipment, otherwise once the short circuit will cause serious consequences.

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