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Diesel generator set automation and since the difference between switch
Update:2017-02-22 Tags:diesel

We found that, in the processgenerator 75kva price of communication with the customer's, when asked about whether customers buy diesel generator set need automation function, customers often don't understand the meaning of automation, easy to automate confused with the switch. In order to be able to let you better understand the difference between the two, today we will arrange the relevant knowledge, to share with you. Diesel generating set automation is actually a process of diesel generating sets automatically start, after the mains power outages, diesel generator set power signal is detected, then diesel generating sets automatic start, automatic generation, but not investment. After the mains calls, diesel generator set by grid signal, will automatically stop no longer to produce electricity. Diesel generating sets since switching refers to when mains power, diesel generator set automatic start, automatic generation, automatic input load. Automatic stop when mains calls, diesel generator sets, power generation, no longer automatically switch to the mains.

By above may know, diesel generating sets of automation and the switch is the biggest difference lies in the enterprise whether outage unit automatically after load, you must ask when the choose and buy diesel generating sets clear, avoid to buy not appropriate units.

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