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Crankshaft bearing lining (hinge) cut
Update:2017-02-27 Tags:bearing

the crankshaft bearing power generatorlining (hinge) peel, is made up of lining (hinge) cut special tool processing, there are many types of the form, but the basic principle is the same. Bearing alloy reamer with reamer can adjust the size of activities in two, large ream range is 62 ~ 66 mm in diameter; Small for 47 ~ 54 mm in diameter. Adjustable bracket has two kinds, is for the adjustment of the center line of the hinge bar, centering and racks. Hinged lever handle at one end and the other end of the reamer installation. It can be hinged with the crankshaft bearing and camshaft bearings, etc.

its operating process is as follows:

1, pour cylinder block on the workbench. Hinge, two way, will be the first, second way is to choose a good bearing load bearing hole (including adjusting shim), three, four don't outfit bearing, after cleaning. Tighten all bearing cover torsion by the regulation.

2, clean hinge rod and adjustable bracket hole, and coated with oil, and the two telescopic bracket respectively in three, four bearing hole position (if a hole diameter is greater than the biggest diameter of the telescopic bracket, with increasing of the diameter of the adjustment block). And then inserted the hinge rod telescopic bracket hole, between the two, three bearing reamer into activity.

3, try the hinge. Insert activity reamer hole of the second bearing, stretched the blade to quit after contact with the bearing, then bring up the blade around 0.02 mm, clockwise rotation hinged lever handle, try hinge first and second bearing.

4, determine the ream frequency and quantity of the ream. One, two, bearing test after the hinge, with inside and outside diameter micrometer measured one, two of the crankshaft journal size and bearing hole size, and the difference between the two Numbers and fit clearance (0.03 ~ 0.06) is the total amount of ream. Is the measure of the ream in order to reduce the surface roughness of bearing, every time should be in 0.15 mm or so, the last knife should be in 0.05 mm or so, according to the total quantity of ream and the principle to determine the number of ream.

5, ream three, four bearing, the telescopic bracket into one, two way bearing inner orientation (1, 2 way bearing hinge good after open bearing cover), as the above method ream three or four bearings.

6, after the ream, bearing should be checked carefully once, as all accord with request, the ream tool to be removed, and the scraper scrape off the edge of bearing oil and oil hole, the place such as burr, and make mark in sequence and direction, when to reload rabbit disorder or reverse direction.

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