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The method of diesel engine maintenance
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1. The intuitive generator priceapproach. In the first cylinder diesel engine maintenance, clean, carefully look at external and internal cylinder cracks, holes and other defects. This method because of limits of various conditions can only find the serious destruction, tiny cracks and holes, usually not easy to observe.

2. Impregnation method, and check the first position measuring evenly, then use dry cloth to wipe kerosene, and immediately in the measurement position with white powder, and then observed, if there is a crack, kerosene can infiltrate into the top of the white, and display the size and location of the crack, the practice has proved that although immersion method can display the cracks in the eyes can see, but by the environment and the location of the restrictions on the use. For example, there are many bumps and cylinder parts installation of mechanical testing, cannot use immersion method.

3. The effective measure to check the leakage of cylinder block, is a common method of hydraulic test. Test method is used to check the sleeve cylinder cylinder arrangement. Are ready, open the hydraulic switch, under the pressure of 200 kpa to 392 kpa, about 3 minutes, you can determine the size and location of the tear.

Once found cracks or blisters, should be timely repair. Crack repair method commonly used are the following: arc welding method, the auxiliary plate method, riveting filling method and bonding method, etc., and the arc is a common method, as a result of the cast iron welding process, process requirements, more difficult, in order to guarantee the quality of maintenance must formulate a reasonable process.

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