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The four phases of combustion process of diesel generating set
Update:2017-02-22 Tags:combustion

General component is the 400kva generatorcombustion process of diesel generating sets, rapid combustion period, ignition delay period of slow burning and after burning period these four stages, in these four stages, the manifestation of each stage of combustion are each are not identical. Here with all of you know every stage of combustion performance, to help customers to understand what is the working status of unit.

1.Ignition delay is refers to the starting fuel injection to the fire, with the spray powder, heating evaporation, diffusion, mix and initial oxidation and so on a series of physical and chemical preparation process. It is an important parameter in the process of combustion, has a direct effect on characteristics of generator in the process of combustion heat release.

2.Fuel is sprayed into the combustion chamber during the ignition delay period, in the rapid combustion period is almost burning at the same time, so the heat release rate is very high, pressure is particularly fast.

3.Slow-burning period stage depends on the speed of mixed combustion of fuel. Therefore, strengthening the combustion chamber air turbulence and accelerate the mixing of air and fuel, and to ensure that the fuel near the top dead center quickly and completely burning play an important role.

4.Unit of mixing and combustion time is short, so that some fuel cannot burn down near the top dead center in a timely manner, and drag the expansion stroke late release quantity of heat cannot be fully used, therefore avoid burning fuel in the combustion period. In these four stages, the first three phases is the main stage, diesel generating sets fuel combustion operation as far as possible to ensure the fuel burn in time in the the three stages, so as to fully use fuel, generating set the best working efficiency.

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