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The importance of choosing oil
Update:2017-02-27 Tags:oil

Petroleum diesel generating set generatoris still a long-term complex chemical and physical changes of various materials unit itself, can be damaged by inferior oil generator parts of diesel generators, so the hidden units, but sustained damage. So it is very important to choose and replace the oil. Oil for lubrication and cooling of diesel engine in the moving parts of these moving parts, and impurities, to prevent corrosion. The level and quality of used oil not only affect the diesel generating set, but also to have certain influence the use of oil. Oil must be clean and prevent water into the oil, oil the needs of different levels should be cleaning lubricating system, and then add new oil. Avoid mixed different brand of oil. Diesel generator set in choosing oil, choosing the appropriate oil viscosity, two conforms to the American petroleum institute performance level. Because of the gelled oil viscosity, suitable for wide working temperature range, rate of consumption about 30% lower than that of single stage motor oil viscosity. Diesel generator engine oil performance level represents the level of engine oil additive, heavy duty diesel generators, protection mainly oil additives, due to the duration of additives will gradually consumption, only a sufficient level of oil use, in order to ensure the oil change period of diesel generating set can get reliable protection

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