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Valve damage after maintenance method
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(1) the experience method

Whether the valve generatorfails to meet three conditions: diesel engine in the process of running speed is not stable, the exhaust pipe with tu, tu, smoke (smoke or blue smoke). When diesel engine meet the three conditions, with a single cylinder oil cut-off method to determine the failure of cylinder. Method is: disconnect each cylinder of high pressure oil pipe, respectively were observed before and after each cylinder in the disconnect high-pressure tubing work status changes. If a cylinder of high pressure tubing broken the back black smoke phenomenon disappeared or reduced, shows that the cylinder has a fault. If a cylinder of high pressure tubing broken the back black smoke or blue smoke phenomenon did not disappear, shows that the cylinder without fault. If each respectively of the high pressure oil pump tubing failure has not been found after disconnecting cylinders, should be easily occur in diesel engine to analyze the common malfunction.

(2) the measurement instrument

Diesel engine is generally use thread interface type cylinder pressure gauge, when used to cylinder pressure gauge thread interface first screwing in fuel injector hole. Then use starter drives the crankshaft 4 ~ 6 s, keep the engine speed at 300 r/min. When the cylinder pressure gauge the indicated pressure value is measured cylinder compression force. Write down measurement values, and then to add a small amount of oil cylinder, turn the diesel engine, if the measured pressure and normal have obvious differences, of the measured cylinder valve is faulty.

(3) the method of observation and experience

Available observation and experience to judge whether the valve fracture failure. After remove the valve chamber cover for inspection or use flat mouth screwdriver pull (diesel engine flywheel, as shown in figure 6 to 5. If appear card lag phenomenon or unable to pull (flywheel, general descriptions valve to drop into the cylinder, fuel injection pump camshaft inside a governor assembly with the governor gear positioning key damage or the front gear box internal gear such as scuffing.

(4) repairing method

Valve belong to wearing parts, when serious damage or break, the general should replace the same type of product. If on the cone appear too much, or pitting corrosion area is lesser, usable valve grinding machine or manual grinding, in order to achieve valve seal effect of the combustion chamber. Manual grinding, valve to reciprocating rotation on the valve seat, and often change position, each time it is advisable to change position should be not greater than 15, to avoid grinding out the ring. When you first pass grinding on the valve cone at a relatively coarse grind arenaceous cream. Between and the valve seat when the valve cone grinding out without contact zone, flecked remove coarse sand cream, in grinding, fine grinding noise cream to continue until the valve cone and valve seat ring between the gray light band, then use clean diesel attached to the valve cone and the noisy paste on the seat. Then the examination of the sealing, until meet the requirements.

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