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How to use smoke to judge fault diesel generating set
Update:2017-02-13 Tags:combustion

1, diesel generating generator pricesets piston ring and cylinder liner wear, valve, piston ring and cylinder liner wear, cause lack of compression pressure and oil burning up try winter negative cylinder at the end of the compression stroke, the mixture mixing proportion of normal change, make the fuel combustion under anaerobic conditions, produce carbon deposit combustion process easily, the exhaust fumes formed a large number of dark look of smoke.

2, combustion chamber shape change of the combustion chamber shape due to manufacturing quality and use for a long time led to the decrease of the technical conditions, the compression residual seam is too big, too small, and the wrong position of the piston, can make the combustion chamber shape and volume change, thus influence fuel and air mixing quality, make the fuel combustion conditions deteriorate.

3, fuel injector, bad work

4, oil is too big, make in increase in the number of oil cylinder inside out, caused by incomplete combustion more gas less fuel oil. In addition, the heavy workload, poor quality of the fuel, low working temperature can also cause exhaust smoke.

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