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Generating set what brand is best
Update:2017-02-22 Tags:kw

Different generator 150kva pricepower of the unit is not the same as the brand. Under the unified power,

some brand is very good.

Such as:

Weichai according to Mr. Tao is about 20 kw to 120 kw is very appropriate.

Weichai steyr is about 150 kw to 700 kw performance is best.

Dongfeng cummins points and chongqing.

Dongfeng is 20 kw to 220 kw.

Chongqing is 220 kw to 1100 kw.

The two brands is more commonly used.

You like wood is generally about 200 kw to 500 kw.

The basic choice OEM power of the small is 8 kw - 24 kw.

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