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Gas generator daily inspection content
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1, take out the test paper, check the oil generator pricequality and oil level is in line with the requirements, or change the oil, add oil.

2, check the expansion water tank water level (or the radiator), if necessary, add water or anti rust emulsion, antifreeze and other additives.

3, check the air pressure gauge, if air pressure requirement according to unit of choose and employ persons.

4, gas leak detector check whether natural gas pipeline leakage, such as the discovery of natural gas pipeline leakage, should eliminate the fault in time.

5, check the connection, if there are signs of an easing should be ruled out in time.

6, check the power status.

7, listening to the sound of the engine, the status of exhaust emissions and respirator, if there is abnormal phenomenon should be timely find the reasons and ruled out.

8, check and remove the engine leakage, leakage, leakage phenomenon, to keep the engine and the work environment clean and tidy appearance.

9 observation instrument to monitor engine each parameter of the instruction, especially the oil pressure, oil temperature, cooling water temperature, temperature in cylinder and exhaust temperature change, ready to run engine, and parameters analysis, such as abnormal, timely discover and eliminate the corresponding fault.

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