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Weifang diesel generator engine oil filling for many appropriate?
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Weifang diesel generators generator pricetoo little oil will inhale air, oil pressure drops, the surface of the oil lubrication accelerates wear parts, even burning bush. Some users fear of lack of fuel, more oil, the better, so often don't fuel, oil more than standard, so that once and for all.

Too much oil, in fact, there are a lot of damage:

(1) on the crankshaft front-end leakage, oil consumption increase, the environmental pollution, increased the difficulty of maintenance

(2) generators as a result of the crankshaft agitation, so the oil bubble, increase the crankshaft rotational resistance and high oil prices will also hinder the connecting rod movement, can reduce the mechanical efficiency.

(3) high oil level in the big wave, it's easy to oil and gas production. Under the condition of high temperature can catch fire, resulting in the crankcase explosion.

Diesel generator oil more rather than less, therefore, make mistakes, usually oil level line should be slightly lower than the oil 'size is appropriate, high oil prices could backfire.

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