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Four method to help you quickly locate, promptly eliminate diesel generating sets fault
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Judgment of diesel trailer diesel generatorengine generator fault there are many methods of the main current more USES is partition method, comparison method, a verification method and instrument check method.

1. Partition method. Partition method is to stop a single cylinder of a diesel engine work or stop them one by one several or all of the cylinder oil, diesel engine and stop work changes before and after injection. Use this method to check the working condition of each cylinder, especially check each cylinder exhaust color is the most effective.

2. The comparison method. Comparison with more common, diesel generator set after a failure, if have doubt on which a component or system, change a good quality parts or a normal system, observe whether the fault is eliminated, if the failure phenomenon disappears, prove that failure occurs in the component or the system.

3. Verify the method. Verification method is to known the cause of the problem, through the tentative adjust or remove, in order to check the correctness of the analysis in the past, to find out the problems.

4. Instrument and meter test. Instrumentation control method is to use the instrument or instrument testing diesel generating set, find out the problems, understand the performance and status of the unit.

In short, be flexible for different fault phenomena by using different methods of troubleshooting, to from the principle, structure of diesel generator set for problem solution. Face under the different type diesel generating sets fault phenomena were analyzed, and the purpose is to make the diesel generator set operator in case of the same type fault phenomenon, able to quickly find the fault point, shorten the time of the malfunction and troubleshooting in a timely manner.

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