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high pressure plunger pump working principle
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high pressure generatorplunger pump by the pump in the camshaft, drives the plunger reciprocating movement up and down in the plunger sleeve, produce high pressure oil supply fuel injector. The plunger cylinder is processing a chute and straight flute interconnection, axial straight flute through plunger tip. Some no straight flute plunger, oil is on the top of the plunger to drill a hole and chute are interlinked, constitute the pump cavity. Plunger sleeve upper drill has two oil hole, when the plunger down to the two oil hole plug out of the top of the plunger, the low pressure oil from the oil hole to feed in the pump cavity. When the piston upward movement, has entered the pump chamber of the oil will flow from two oil hole against part of when the main generation rose to the top of the plunger two oil hole sealing, did not come to an end to pump oil filled in the cavity. The pump cavity is a closed cavity. Since then, the plunger also continue to rise, cavity pressure rise sharply, when the spring pressure high enough to overcome the valve, the valve is opened, the high pressure oil supply fuel injector through high pressure tube.

When the plunger rose fortress of inclined groove and oil hole connected to the column, the pressure in the pump cavity flow back to the low pressure chamber, the pressure in the pump cavity drops rapidly, delivery valve under the effect of spring immediately shut down, fuel injection pump fuel cut-off immediately.

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