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What major fixed fittings are used by engine?
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The body, cylinder generator supplierhead and oil sump parts constitute the skeleton of a diesel generator, all moving parts and auxiliary systems to support. Therefore, we say to diesel generator fixed, usually refers to the body, cylinder head, oil pan, etc.

1 body: made of high strength alloy cast iron for tunnel structure, the structure form of good rigidity, compact structure. On both sides of the body has a view window and cover plate, and through the window below you can check the crankshaft, main bearing and connecting rod bearing, can tear open outfit connecting rod bolts and cover, still can unpick and wash oil pump oil absorption coarse mesh. One of the cover plate is equipped with belt filter ventilation tube, used for crankcase ventilation. For 12 v turbocharged inter-cooled power diesel generator, accompanied with refueling pipe welding parts, daily add lubricating oil when the parts can be installed in the upper left of the front body. Body was full of oil road, waterway, on the fuselage with a water drain valve, when the diesel generator outage, especially the temperature below 5 ℃ cold environment, must open the drain valve, put the cooling water, in order to prevent the frosty body, cylinder liner.

2 cylinder cover: the major function of the cylinder head is a common seal cylinder and the cylinder pad on the plane, and form the combustion chamber with the piston at the top of the space. In addition, the installation position of cylinder head also provides many parts, the installation of valve seat, valve guide, into the exhaust valve, valve springs, fuel injector, rocker, rocker arm shaft and parts such as radial bridge, its layout, lubricating oil inlet and exhaust tao, water cavity, the structure is quite complicated. My company's cylinder head is made from high strength alloy cast iron, in addition to the ordinary 135 cylinder head, the rest of the cast type of injector jacket and cylinder head, cylinder head stiffness strengthened, into the exhaust duct, the Austrian AVL company matching with fuel system after optimization design, using spiral inlet, the intake resistance is small, intake vortex ratio appropriate, exhaust unobstructed, in severe heat load on the bridge of the nose area added water spray to enhance cooling.

3 flywheel shell: cover, cover the rotating flywheels, safety protection, at the same time as a necessary connection with, such as: with Marine gearbox, generator. In order to facilitate users to form a complete set, there are two kinds of flywheel shell for users to choose, one is produced by factory standard 135 interface, another for SAE 0 # interface.

4 cylinder liner: in the wet cylinder liner and is direct contact with the surface and cooling water. Cavity by rubber sealing the hydrosphere and the body of water seal. Rubber seal hydrosphere when installation shall not be distorted, and cylinder liner ring groove shall be uniformly along the circumferential against.

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