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Introduction and application of biogas power generation technology
Update:2017-02-18 Tags:generation

Comprehensive utilization generator priceof biogas power generation technology is a new technology in energy development and environmental protection, energy saving. It is made up of industrial, agricultural and urban life in a large amount of organic waste liquid (such as Leeds, livestock manure, city garbage and sewage), anaerobic fermentation to produce biogas, biogas power generator and completely waste heat power generation units of biogas production and comprehensive thermal efficiency reached 80%, far higher than the average 30% - 30% of the power generation efficiency, economic benefit is remarkable.

Methane gas supply, heat supply, limited coverage, low reliability, biogas as fuel power generation on-site power generation, power generation and produce gas volume change of the flexible adjustment, can make full use of methane gas.

Itself to provide clean energy, biogas power generation technology not only solves the environmental problem in biogas engineering, consume large amounts of waste, protect the environment, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, waste of wealth, also led to a lot of heat and electricity to meet the energy recycling environmental philosophy, at the same time, it also brings huge economic benefits.

Methane content of impurities such as Si, the customs should be controlled within a certain range, the use of biogas 10 to 60 degrees Celsius temperature, pressure of 0 ~ 5 kpa, see the specific requirements of the temperament of the biogas and general livestock dung biogas anaerobic treatment is in order to meet the requirements of power quality, sewage treatment and other treatment, biogas desulfurization and landfill gas dehydration treatment.

Methane gas dehydration and desulfurization process - gas water separation and filtration separation - compressor gas and water - cooling - generator regulator

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