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working conditions of the connecting rod and the material
Update:2017-02-22 Tags:connecting

diesel engine generatorin the process of operation, mainly with the piston at the top of the gas pressure and piston component and connecting rod produced by the reciprocating motion inertia force, but also with the role of friction. These force make the connecting rod is compressed and stretching, and inertia force produced by connecting rod swing will make bent connecting rod. Therefore, manufacturing of connecting rod materials must meet requirements sufficient strength and rigidity, even as far as possible light in weight.

at present, the connecting rod quality is generally selected medium carbon steel forging or rolling, and the conditioning treatment. Small and medium-sized power some manufactured nodular cast iron connecting rod of diesel engine, its effect is better, and the cost is low. Can be used to strengthen the high degree of diesel engine connecting rod, high alloy steel (40 cr, 40 MNB, 42 crmo) roll manufacturing. Alloy steel is characterized by high fatigue strength, but the stress concentration is more sensitive, so using alloy steel, the external shape, excessive rounded corners, and rough surface, etc. There are strict requirements. In recent years, our country also USES the rare earth magnesium nodular cast iron manufacturing high speed diesel engine connecting rod.

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