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the cause of early wear
Update:2017-02-27 Tags:cylinder

(1) new or repaired, the engine generator priceis not running after the strict test run was put into operation, cause the cylinder part of early wear and tear.

(2) do not attach importance to the maintenance of the air filter, lead to serious congestion, air filter element to filter the air into the cylinder. Dust and air contains a variety of impurities, accounting for more than half of the silicon dioxide, its harder than steel, so the air into the cylinder, cylinder wear speed up.

(3) a preheated engine starting not put into production, due to the machine immediately to step on the gas at low temperature, incomplete combustion and cylinder coke increases, the acceleration of the cylinder wear.

(4) try to use the clean burning residual oil cylinder, on the contrary, due to the small throttle suddenly suddenly, fuel and air mixing unevenly, combustion is incomplete, speed up the cylinder wear.

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