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Supercharging system make the diesel combustion more fully and to improve the work efficiency
Update:2017-02-27 Tags:supercharging

Weichai diesel generator priceengine generator is the main source of power, diesel combustion will release a lot of heat, exhaust, weichai power generators supercharging system's function is to increase the volume, improve the effective pressure, make diesel burn more fully and increase the power of diesel engine, to ensure that the output value. China full launch of the new generator after add the pressurization system has a very important role is to improve the thermal efficiency, improve efficiency, reduce emissions of harmful ingredients, reduce noise. According to the different methods of pressurization is divided into four systems:

1) mechanical pressurization system: don't increase diesel engine exhaust back pressure, need to install the transmission device, the economy;

2) exhaust turbocharging system: simple structure, reliable work, with no mechanical contact, diesel engine is more convenient.

3) compound supercharging system: exhaust gas turbo and supercharging synthesis;

4) wave and pneumatic supercharging system: simple structure, convenient processing, working temperature is not high.

Weichai power generators supercharging performance upgrade

1) dynamic performance increase, the volume increase, the oil also will increase, so the generator power is greatly increased;

2) the economy increase, this is our customer is very concerned about, to improve the combustion process, reducing fuel consumption rate;

3) emission performance improvement, supercharging performance improvement, reduction in emissions of harmful substances;

4) combustion and exhaust noise is improved. The fuel ignition delay period shortened.

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